Sense of Draft.

December 5, 2012

Kant argued that people should act out of a sense of duty, not for any recognition their actions might yield. President Obama wants to create a society where the rich are not exempt from their responsibilities to their fellow citizens. Establishing this sense of equity between rich and poor has been a goal of President Obama since his first term. So why not reestablish the draft?

The poor are often the ones that are economically pressed into service because they have few job alternatives. Soon there will be defense budget cuts. Soldiers will be forced to fight with less at their disposal. If president Obama is so concerned about the poor as well as the safety of the nation in general, why not bring back the draft? The answer is because it is unpopular.

President Obama has no objection taxing the wealthy in order to create more jobs and provide for the less fortunate. Reestablishing the draft would create many more jobs, and make the nation safer. President Obama’s popularity supersedes his sense of duty. The man on the battlefield could have worked at McDonald’s, instead he joined the military out of a sense of duty. Ironically the commander and chief does not have the same sense of duty, otherwise his actions would match his rhetoric.