Safety does not take sides.

August 4, 2012

National security is a bi partisan issue. It makes no difference if there is a republican or democrat in office, we all must recognize that the spread of technology and proliferation is the greatest challenge to national security today. I realize that the economy is in bad shape. The economy however, does not make a difference with regard to the safety of our citizens. Times are hard for people. Play chess, read a book, but don’t ignore reality. Nuclear terrorism is more dangerous than any recession or depression the United States will ever face.

President Eisenhower helped create the independent state of Israel. He also established US international highway system. The later is dependent on the former. Israel has ensured US prosperity for over sixty years by pursuing sustained peace in the middle east. We can not turn our back on our allies now. The whole world looks to the United States to protect it from tyranny wherever it may be. Where there are voices that are silenced by violence people look to the West. Where there are people murdered because of their race or religion pleading for help, those people cry out to the West. Somalia,Kosovo,Rwanda, are of few example of nations that looked to the United States for help. Who will these people turn to for help if not the United States? When people try to convince you that the United States is only out to plunder resources though “capitalist imperialism,” remind them that the United States provides more aid than any nation on earth. Remind them that the United States is home to people of all races and religions. Remind them that even though 99% of the wealth is concentrated in the top 1% many of the top 1% are committed to giving most it away when they die.  . This level of philanthropy can only be found in the United States.

We may not always be in the best position to help, but we are always willing. In 2009-2010 there were protests all over Iran for free and fair elections. Iran is supported by Russia. It has been well known that free and fair elections in the Soviet Union were very rare. Today Russia is still employing the same tactics it did during the Soviet Union. It is much more likely that the Iranian regime is a tyrannical oligopoly rather an true democracy. It would not be an unfair assumption to believe that the Iranian regime is not far from Russia’s authoritarian type rule. We can not let partisan politics drive us away from our goal of helping the Iranian people. They have cried out for freedom already, and will do so again. Israel, the Iranian people, and the American people deserve solidarity on this issue… Let us not ignore them.


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