Atomic at any cost…

August 1, 2012

The Iranian regime claims to pursue nuclear material for peaceful purposes. It claims that this pursuit is their right to modernize. This claim by the regime is gradually deteriorating in its legitimacy. The problem is that their pursuit to modernize comes at the expense of modernity. Iran’s desire to pursue nuclear material in the face of increasing sanctions contradicts their claim of perusing modernity in general. As the regime enriches citing modernity, it gradually loses the basic staples of modernity (medicine, variety of foods, cars exc.). Take this hypothetical scenario for example: I want this jumbo sofa SO bad, but it cant fit in my house. My solution is sell the house and enjoy the sofa in the rain… The longer the regime holds out against these sanctions, the more it demonstrates its  insidious intentions. If the Intel is uncertain (like Iraq), It is just as plausible to assume that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, as it is to assume it is not. Well, if it is not pursuing weapons, why make their own people suffer?

The West has offered a compromise in Vienna in 2009. “Under the draft agreement, Iran would ship that fuel to Russia for further enrichment, and Russia would return it to Iran in the form of metal fuel rods. Those could be used in a reactor but not a nuclear weapon. The deal would take away enough of Iran’s existing stockpile of uranium to make it difficult to produce a nuclear weapon until it has time to produce more raw fuel.” . This deal provided Iran with the nuclear material for medical purposes which could be renewed periodically. This offer was rejected. The Iranian regime simply wants all the benefits of trade with the West, and none of the responsibility. They want to conduct state sponsored  terrorism to pursue hegemony in one of the most influential places on earth (the middle east). They want Marlboro, Viagra, Toyota, and Porsche, but they also want to reserve the right to influence policy through violence. In other words “I have my lunch, but I also want your lunch money, and if you don’t give me your lunch money I’m gonna blow this mother fucker up!”

Let there be no confusion that this is an extension of the Cold War. The Irony is that the Iranian regime is too ignorant to realize that it had no friends in the Cold War. Socialist Communism is collectivist. There can be no room for Mullahs interpreting Islam as the highest authority for the Iranian people. This is because the highest authority is the state…. At least Western Liberal Democracy allows the freedom to follow Islam peacefully.


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